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Medical Camps and Training in The Gambia

Hundreds of thousands of people have benefitted from Medical Camps Humanity First have run in The Gambia, with local doctors, as well as Doctors from the UK providing medical examinations, medicine and even specialised care.


Our Answer to High Preventable Mortality Rates

We are building a Hospital in Ivory Coast to save lives and help improve the healthcare in a country with one of the highest preventable mortality rates in the region, which itself lags far behind healthcare quality in developed countries. Majid Khan, CEO of HF Healthcare answers some of the biggest questions about our new...


“10% of Children are Orphans” in Uganda

Uganda has an Orphan Crisis. 10% of Children are Orphans in the country and need your support. Mugaya Abubakar,Director of Knowledge for Life, Humanity First Uganda, tells us about this heart-breaking issue and what Humanity First is doing to help these children in need.