Humanity First’s Telethon is happening again, but what exactly is the Telethon?

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2022 marks a new year for the Humanity First Telethon. The last few years have seen many very successful Telethons and will continue further into the future. This year it’s being held again. But for those who haven’t tuned into a Telethon before, you may be asking the question. What exactly is the Telethon?

Starting out very small, Humanity First brought together only a handful of countries and used a small temporary studio that was built in the Humanity First offices. Throughout the years, Humanity First progressed by bringing in more branches of Humanity First and upscaling to bigger venues.

So the Telethon is essentially an annual global conference, detailing the different projects that Humanity First has undertaken in the past year, including various interviews with our volunteers on the ground, you can get a deeper insight into our different campaigns and projects. It’s also a very interactive event, meaning you and your families don’t just have to watch but you can also participate in workshops and activities at the Baitul Futuh Mosque, where we will be hosting the Telethon. This is the perfect way to bring together several Humanity First branches across the world to collectively fundraise for humanitarian projects around the world.

One of the highlight interviews from last year’s Telethon.

For example, in the Telethon of 2021, a charity event unlike any other, some of our projects were showcased such as our Gift of Sight campaign. Humanity First went very in-depth on how the geological conditions in the Sub-Saharan Desert have had an impact on people’s vision and it also showed how Humanity First set up multiple mobile camps in Burkina Faso, Togo and Benin and gave free eye tests and free cataract surgery, doing so for 20,000+ patients. And this is just one of the MANY different schemes that were showcased.

So not only are a multitude of different campaigns showcased but also the Telethon acts as a fundraiser for the different campaigns shown and future campaigns as well. This is Humanity First’s flagship event and will also serve to be an avenue for more people to learn about Humanity First and in turn save more lives than we have before. This is not an event that anyone wants to miss. Make sure you tune in on the 5th of November!

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