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Many people have fled Ukraine due to War, Humanity First has been here to help them

Following the beginning of the War in Ukraine, many people had to flee from their homes. With most people becoming refugees, they have had to deal with bad conditions such as lack of food, illnesses, and much more. Most refugees went to the border of Poland and Humanity First were some of the first responders.

Our team at the Polish Border

Our Humanity First Team arrived on the ground on the 26th of February, with emergency medical services, food and drinks. Something that was much needed for the people fleeing their country. Many people showed their gratitude to Humanity First as their lives changed in such a short period of time.

Humanity First was able to provide and is still providing for these people. Shortly after, Humanity First started its official appeal for donations and volunteers so that the people may receive help. This was needed due to the sheer number of refugees. It reached over 3 million who fled from the violence with even 50% being young children.

Humanity First reached out to the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association and held a T10 Cricket Tournament in order to help raise funds for the Ukraine Crisis. This proved to be very successful.

Our team in Medyka continued to provide essentials to the people such as SIM cards so that people may contact their families both in and out of Ukraine.

A tour of our camp in Medyka

Due to all of the wonderful Humanity First Donors, we were able to provide loads of Supplies to many people. As of May 10th, 12 million had fled Ukraine. But the response of Humanity First was massive as well. Approximately 2,392 Medical Consultations and Treatments Occurred, 56,000 Meals and Hot Drinks were provided and 28,500 Essential Hygiene Kits were distributed by Humanity First.

But this effort is still ongoing. To find out more about our efforts and help these people yourself, visit http://hfuk.org/ukrainerelief

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