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As Coronavirus continues to spread throughout Africa, Humanity first teams are working across the continent to help prevent the spread of the virus and help those in need during this crisis.

As the virus continues to spread, our tailoring instructors in Mali are using the lockdown period to make gowns and face masks at our training centre, for clinicians in the local hospitals. In Burkina Faso, our team has been producing hand sanitizer according to WHO guidelines for distribution. In the capital, Ouagadougou, the team have been distributing hand sanitiser as well as raising awareness for the need for good hygiene to prevent spreading the virus. Humanity First Burkina Faso worked with MKA Burkina Faso to organise a blood donation bank for the National Blood Transfusion Centre in the capital, collecting 77 units of blood. The team in Ghana have been preparing food packs in Accra for families most likely to be affected, with around 5,000 food ration packs distributed so far in the Accra area. While in Kumasi and Madina Zongo Junction, food and essential aid have been distributed to hundreds of families. To help communities stay safer through the Coronavirus crisis, the Humanity First team in Guinea have distributed sanitary kits to people in Conakry as well as relief supplies to those in need. In Gambia, our team has started to distribute food to the most deprived areas of the rural population, helping them through this difficult time.

Ladies sewing face masks to provide PPE to medical staff

Humanity First teams are active in 48 countries with over 2000 volunteers working diligently to help those in need. Our teams across other continents have also continued to enhance efforts to support local communities. Check out our other articles to find out more.

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