Canadian Prime Minister Praises Humanity First for Relief Work

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With Coronavirus continuing to spread around the world, our Humanity First teams in the Americas have continued to work diligently to combat the virus. The efforts of our volunteers throughout this pandemic have been recognised by the Prime Minister of Canada, the Honourable Justin Trudeau. He sent out a message thanking Humanity First for “leading the way by stepping up and helping people in Canada and around the world”.

Humanity First Canada continues to collect and deliver food and other essentials at their food bank in Toronto, helping those families who are in need. Many companies have been very generous and donated important supplies such as beverages and fresh salad. In parts of Ontario, Canada members of Humanity First have been distributing and delivering fruit to neighbours to keep people healthy and happy.

Volunteers working hard in French Guiana

In the US, four food pantries are up and running. In one area over 31,000 meals have been served so far throughout this crisis, whilst in another area, the team worked with partners to serve 18,000 meals in one day. In Houston, Humanity First US has been working with Houston Food Bank and MKA Houston to set up a drive-through for food supply distribution. Our teams across the US have also been working with their local mosques in various states, turning them into food pantries, where food packs can be distributed, and hot meals served to those in need. In French Guiana, volunteers provided 1280 hot meals for the homeless and refugees, to the joy of local authorities.

Humanity First teams are active in 48 countries with over 2000 volunteers working diligently to help those in need. Our teams across other continents have also continued to enhance efforts to support local communities. Check out our other articles to find out more.

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