Continued Food, Mask and Sanitiser Distribution in Asia

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Across Asia, our Humanity First volunteers are working with local authorities through this crisis to distribute food, hygiene items, hand sanitizer and masks.

In many regions of India, our team are working with local authorities to distribute food and ensuring that people have a supply of water through the lockdown period. 16,000 litres of water has been delivered in Southwest India to remote households, with 8,000 litres being distributed by our team in Kerala to help villagers. As the lockdown continues in India our volunteers are providing refreshments to government workers on the streets and have been distributing midday meals at Government Hospitals and in public places. In Kerala, our team are providing refreshments to sanitation workers as they continue working through the lockdown period. Volunteers in the Punjab region continue to work around the clock to deliver relief supplies in Northern India. Humanity First India has also been trying to keep the nation safe by distributing safety masks to prevent the spread of the virus, with over 560 masks being distributed in various areas.

Across Malaysia Humanity First have been supporting refugees and the worst affected communities throughout this crisis. Volunteers are preparing food packs, with 6,000 people being served last weekend in six states. Our Humanity First vehicles have been delivering food parcels across the country in response to the impact of Coronavirus. Our teams in South Asia are continuing to support people in need, by going door to door to distribute food packs that will cover people for a month and ration packs are being delivered to local villagers by our volunteers. In Indonesia, our teams are helping to keep their communities safe by launching a campaign called Your Smile, which aims to distribute free non-medical masks to as many people as possible.

Humanity First teams are active in 48 countries with over 2000 volunteers working diligently to help those in need. Our teams across other continents have also continued to enhance efforts to support local communities. Check out our other articles to find out more.

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