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As Coronavirus continues to spread throughout the world, Humanity First are continuing to help battle the virus with thousands of volunteers worldwide. In the UK, our team continues to help people in need through the Humanity First National Coronavirus Support Line: facilitating shopping and delivery of medicine as well as providing advice and guidance in this difficult time.  Humanity First teams are currently active in over 38 countries, stepping up to support their communities through this challenging time.


Face Masks produced by Humanity First France

The Humanity First Team in Antwerp, Belgium have been preparing and distributing food packs to families in need of support. Volunteers working for Humanity First in France have been hard at work producing face masks to donate to health care workers. Our team in Norway are continuing to work with the Red Cross in Oslo to provide food for the homeless every evening. In Sweden, the team continues to help those in need by providing local shelters with food and hand sanitiser; whilst in Macedonia, our team have produced fliers in Macedonian to educate people on the signs of Coronavirus and how to stay safe.


Our team in Malaysia have been very busy distributing food packs across the country to those in need, including refugees and asylum seekers.  The team has also been supporting the main hospital in the country, that is dealing with Coronavirus patients, by providing a decontamination marquee that allows for 10 ambulances at a time. A dining tent has also been set up by the Humanity First team to enable ambulance personnel to take breaks and stay energised. 

In India, Humanity First is continuing to deliver much needed food to families across India, as there is a growing demand from low income families across the country since lockdown. The team in India are taking on a range of tasks such as: preparing prepacked food packs, working together to prepare meals for people on a daily wage, serving meals to key workers on the streets and distributing 4,000 rotis (flat breads) produced at a roti plant. The Humanity First COVID-19 response team has served 700+ families with at least 1 month’s supply of food, reaching remote villages with emergency food packs. Humanity First teams across India have also been trying to ensure communities have a decent water supply throughout lockdown.

Thousands of face masks and bottles of hand sanitiser have been distributed to 22 hospitals by our teams working with local authorities throughout the crisis. In Bangladesh, Humanity First has been providing refreshments in Dhaka to low income workers as Coronavirus starts to make an impact there. The Humanity First medical clinic in Ngloro, Indonesia, is on the frontline in the battle to contain Coronavirus; whilst in Java our team have been making and distributing small bottles of sanitiser.

North America

In the US, Humanity First have launched the HFWeCare campaign to address the many issues that have occurred due to Coronavirus. The aim of the campaign is to spread awareness and help people by delivering food, medicine and other essentials they may need. Many donations are being received and distributed to those in need. In one area, 400lbs of food was donated enabling 300 meals to be served to a homeless shelter. The Humanity First food bank in Canada continues to face unprecedented demand and is now running 7 days a week and in March, 2200 families benefited from it. The team also distributed over 1000 boxes of fresh oranges to communities with a drive-through system, ensuring social distancing protocols were observed.


In Uganda, Humanity First have started distributing family food ration packs in preparation for Coronavirus restrictions, whilst the team in Burkina Faso have been busy producing hand sanitiser to help keep communities safe. The Humanity First medical clinic in Mali is maintaining a safe working environment by installing extra hand washing facilities to keep everyone safe.

To keep the Humanity First frontline health care workers safe, our sewing centre in Mali has been repurposed to produce masks. The team in Ghana has been busy emphasising the need for thorough hand washing to locals and distributing relief supplies. Food packs are being distributed by our team in Guinea Bissau, and our Humanity First hospital in Guatemala has adjusted to working with PPE to help keep everyone safe.

Humanity First will continue to help as many people as possible across the world as demand continues to increase. Stay tuned for more.

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