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Today’s Update:

  • The government says it is “mission critical” that people follow the government’s rules. Stating those flouting distancing guidance: “You are risking your own life and the lives of others.”
  • No imminent change to lockdown, in order for this to end the rules need to be followed 
  • The government cannot rule out further rules to social distancing 
  • There has been a “surge” in the number of new cases in the UK over the past 24 hours
  • NHS now has more than 9,000 ventilators with this being ramped up to 18,000 by next week
  • More than 2,336 critical care beds in London
  • Government state No ‘imminent’ changes to exercise rules, however, they state that exercise outside the home could be banned if people ignore coronavirus social distancing rules.
  • Government states anyone with coronavirus symptoms should use the new NHS status checker tool, “The more people who use it, the better informed our response will be” 
  • Coronavirus status checker: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/nhs-asks-people-to-share-their-coronavirus-symptoms-to-help-others
  • There is an adequate supply of oxygen in UK hospitals. Government states the public should not be concerned, if they need medical care, the supply of oxygen will be available to them.
  • On Saturday, 04/04/20, Watford General Hospital declared a critical incident and urged emergency patients to go to other hospitals with A&E units. The hospital said the decision was taken as a “result of a technical issue with our hospital’s oxygen equipment”.
  • Coronavirus testing in care homes and prisons have always been on the priority list. Hospitals being top of this list. Not everyone in a venue is tested, only 5 people in each setting.

Previous Measures remain in place:

  • People should not meet with friends or family members they do not live with
  • Shopping is only permitted for essentials like food and medicine
  • Police have powers to enforce the rules, which include disbursements of gatherings and issuance of fines
  • All shops selling non-essential goods to be closed 
  • Libraries, playgrounds, outdoor gyms and places of worship remain closed
  • All gatherings of more than two people in public excluding those you live with are banned
  • All social events are banned, including weddings and baptisms, but Funerals are excluded 
  • Parks remain open for exercise, however, gatherings will be dispersed
  • These restrictions will be constantly reviewed 
  • Self- Employed will be able to claim 80% of average monthly earnings over past 3 years, capped to £2500 per month, open to those who are already self-employed with trading profits up to £50,000 a year and have a self-assessment tax return for 2019

Stay at Home.  Protect the NHS. Save Lives

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