Daily Update: 03/04/2020

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Today’s Update:

  • Nightingale London field hospital has been opened
  • Two further Nightingale hospitals to be built, one in Bristol (South West) with a capacity of 1000 beds, the other in Harrogate (North East) with a capacity of 500 beds
  • Hospitals in Manchester, Birmingham and Glasgow already being built
  • Established 3 national clinical trials – primary, critical and recovery?
  • 1 trial with 926 patients focusing on recovery one of the largest globally.  More patients are needed to ensure the accuracy of the trails. Focus on repurposed medicines such as Malaria, HIV etc drugs which are already licensed
  • Over 2,000 critical care beds are still available in the UK
  • Over 7,000 NHS staff have now been tested 
  • Social distancing measures must continue, so everyone urged to stay at home
  • Hospital admissions are still increasing

Previous Measures remain in place:

  • People should not meet with friends or family members they do not live with
  • Shopping is only permitted for essentials like food and medicine
  • Police have powers to enforce the rules, which include disbursements of gatherings and issuance of fines
  • All shops selling non-essential goods to be closed 
  • Libraries, playgrounds, outdoor gyms and places of worship remain closed
  • All gatherings of more than two people in public excluding those you live with are banned
  • All social events are banned, including weddings and baptisms, but Funerals are excluded 
  • Parks remain open for exercise, however, gatherings will be dispersed
  • These restrictions will be constantly reviewed 
  • Self- Employed will be able to claim 80% of average monthly earnings over past 3 years, capped to £2500 per month, open to those who are already self-employed with trading profits up to £50,000 a year and have a self-assessment tax return for 2019

Stay at Home.  Protect the NHS. Save Lives

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