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Humanity First vs Coronavirus

As this pandemic rapidly spreads, causing chaos and uncertainty, Humanity First has been working hard to provide support across the globe. Whilst in the UK we are focussing on helping those in need through our National Coronavirus Support Line, here are some of the efforts that are being made elsewhere:

Marquee provided for Testing and Triage of Patients


Efforts are being made across Europe to help the homeless: in Oslo, Norway, Humanity First are working with the Red Cross to provide food for the homeless. Volunteers in Strasbourg, France, are providing food and hygiene products to people, including the homeless and refugees. While in Paris, Humanity First have set up a marquee for staff at a clinic to enable testing and triage to be carried out, before going into the hospital for patient services. Volunteers in Gothenburg, Sweden, are taking care of clinicians, doctors and nurses by providing food packs and meals to keep their energy up. Food packs are also being delivered to families in Belgium affected by Coronavirus (COVID-19); and in Germany, Humanity First are supporting a refugee facility in Thuringen which is under quarantine.

Typical ‘Meals on Wheels’ Tray

North America

Across the continent, Humanity First have been helping by providing for the homeless. ‘Meals on Wheels’ services have been set up for families in isolation across various states in the USA. In Houston, Humanity First has been helping to prepare relief supplies and supporting the foodbank; whilst in Toledo, meal packs are being provided to students. A National Coronavirus Support Line has also been set up in Canada to give guidance and provide referrals to specialist services where necessary.

Food Supplies for Families Affected by Restrictions


A lot of work is being carried out in India to help keep people safe. Handwashing points are being set up, particularly in the south, to improve hygiene and stop the virus in its tracks. With full cooperation of local authorities, face masks and other protective materials are being distributed to villagers. Coronavirus (COVID-19) response teams are being dispatched with food kits and Humanity First volunteers are helping to distribute emergency food packs to families suffering due to the restrictions. In Indonesia, we are working hard to not only distribute, but also manufacture hand sanitisers for vulnerable people in the community. Humanity First’s ambulance is also assisting the government by making public announcements and spraying disinfectant in villages on the island of Java.

And More

Spreading the word about Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a crucial part of the battle against it; in Burkina Faso, Humanity First has been doing this, emphasising the need for regular handwashing whilst helping to facilitate it. In French Guiana, hot meals are being provided to refugees every week in Cayenne.

This is just the start of our work and we will continue to help health services to combat the virus and keep you updated on our efforts across the globe.

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